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Dicing and Backgrinding Tapes

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Toyo Adtec offers tapes for Wafer/Substrate Dicing and Backgrinding processes. Base Films can be user-defined as PVC, EVA or PO material.  Adhesives are available as pressure-sensitive acrylic or UV-type.  Depending on customer requirements,  these tapes can be supplied in rolls, cut sheets or in custom pre-cut modes.

High Temp UV Tape

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Toyo Adtec UV tape is specifically designed for dicing Packages or LED modules. It maintains strong adhesion during dicing and excellent release performance after UV Exposure. Adhesive design allows for post-dicing expansion while preventing contamination and adhesive residue. The tape also can be used in high temperature processes. Available in Pre-Cut and Roll Types.

Polyimide Tape

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Toyo Adtec Polyimide film is heat resistant to 200 degrees Celsius and has good tensile strength.  Formulated with a special Silicone adhesive which minimizes contamination even after high temperature exposure. Suitable for use in QFN molding and PCB substrates processing.

Other Semicon Materials

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    Film Frames - Plastic and Metal - Chip Trays - Cassette Frames etc.
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Toyo Adtec also supplies Logistics Materials such as Metal or Plastic Film Frames, Frame and Wafer Cassettes, Silicon Wafers, Dresser Boards, Custom Made Porous Ceramic Materials, Chip Trays and PP Straps.   Spare Parts and Custom Tools are also available upon request.