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MacDermid Chemicals

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Toyo Adtec partners with US-based MacDermid, a leading supplier of specialty chemicals for fabricators, assemblers, and original equipment manufacturers. Their Electronics Solutions Division is a proven innovator in the field of metals finishing, with application-specific solutions to Electrolytic and Immersion Plating, Etching, Developing, Pre-Cleaning and Post Treatment.  For Lead frame package MSL1 reliability,  MacDermid offers a proprietary surface treatment called Package Bond.

Specialty Solvents and Cleaners

  • Specialty Solvents and Multipurpose Cleaner and Degreaser
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Toyo Adtec carries a wide range Solvents for Electronics, PCB and Semiconductor Industry. We offer thinners, cleaners and degreasers. Newly-developed -- a non-flammable cleaner to replace solvents in removing cured acrylic such as UV tape glue residue and other contaminants.

Water and Wastewater Treatment

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Toyo Adtec also delivers water and wastewater treatment solutions. From chemicals to consumables, we manage the customers’ water conditioning, heavy metal and contaminants removal requirements.